Seeing happy families !

This week two things happened that made my heart sing; there were actually more heart singing moments but these two stick out regarding my work as a midwife.

The first was this:


Meira turned two years old this week !  I helped Meira’s mom at her birth two years ago and now they are expecting a sibling in a few months.  It’s so fun watching families grow, not only in number of children but watching the babies I caught grow so much during their parent’s next pregnancy is very heartwarming. Speech and motor development is fascinating to watch month by month during prenatal visits.  And the transition from being the baby to being big sister, though usually challenging for everyone involved, is also sweet to see from an outsiders perspective.  Happy Birthday Meira!

Second was this:

Group postpartum gathering

We had great group of moms at our Group Postpartum Gathering.  The weather wasn’t great but so many of our late summer, early fall babies brought their moms to our office for a sweet time together.  There is nothing a new parent needs more than hang out time with other parents and babies!  These ladies had a lively discussion and shared tips and ideas that are working for them in caring for their new little ones.  Dr. Karen Rayne also came over to talk about relationships and sex after having a baby- a topic not often discussed in our culture, but one that everyone has questions and concerns about.  I am hopeful that these mothers continue to feel supported in their parenting and continue to rely on their intuition and curiosity in caring for their babies into childhood.  And I am hopeful I will continue to see them and watch both the mothers and the babies grow.