Midwifery Students

Photo credit: Kayla Grey, @austinbirthphotos

Christy and Jenni are honored to participate in the education of new midwives and birthworkers. In addition to teaching workshops, we regularly have students working with us, following one of the varied paths to becoming Certified Professional Midwives.

Students are involved to differing degrees depending on the level of experience they have; from complete observation to active participation in your care, with our supervision. Please let us know if you would like to opt out of having a student participate for any reason.

However, these experiences that you share with our students are fundamental to their becoming good midwives and they are so grateful to meet you and your families. They are also a huge source of additional support, in labor especially. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our students and we appreciate their energy and their questions. Our student in 2019 and 2020 is Janixa Ramos.

Our student in 2019 and 2020 is Janixa Ramos.

Our current student, Janixa Ramos Almodovar, is from Puerto Rico; her mother tongue is Spanish and she is fluent in English. Her passion for birth started with her own experience during the birth of her son and her entrance to motherhood while having all her family support far away. She started as a birth worker in 2014, supporting families during labor and postpartum, first as a volunteer with GALS, supporting woman during birth at the hospital. Right away, she saw a very big need for support for women that did not have English as their first language, and for new immigrants. It was hard for these women to feel supported and validated during labor.  She has also been a volunteer teacher of prenatal yoga at MamaSana Vibrant Woman and supported low income women through the Association of Postpartum Heath Alliance of Texas.  Janixa has her certification as a birth and postpartum doula with Doula Trainings International. Then she got even more interested in birth and started her journey as a midwifery student. She got a scholarship with Mercy in Action and has been an apprentice since 2016 with different midwives at home birth practices in Austin, TX. 

Nuestra estudiante actual, Janixa Ramos Almodovar, es de Puerto Rico. Su pasión por el parto comenzó con el parto de su propio hijo y su entrada a la maternidad teniendo muy lejos el apoyo de su familia. Janixa comenzó a trabajar como doula voluntaria en una agencia llamada GALS en el 2014. En esta agencia Janixa brindó apoyo, a mujeres mayormente de bajos ingresos, inmigrantes, latinas, de color y que no podían hablar bien en Inglés durante el momento del parto y postparto inmediato en el hospital. Haciendo esta labor, descubrió que para familias inmigrantes que no dominan el inglés se les hacía muy difícil sentirse apoyadas, respetadas y escuchadas durante su labor de parto. Janixa también ha sido voluntaria para la asociación Mamá Sana Vibrant Woman, brindando clases de yoga prenatal, respiración y relajación. También ha participado del programa, Association of Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas, apoyando y educando a mujeres de bajo ingreso durante el postparto.

Janixa está certificada como doula de postparto y parto con Doula Training Internacional (DTI). Ya con esto, Janixa se interesó aún más en el proceso del parto y comenzo su travesía como estudiante de parteria. Obtuvo una beca para estudiar parteria con Mercy in Action y ha estado practicando y estudiando desde el 2016 con diferentes parteras/matronas en Austin, haciendo partos en casa.

Janixa Ramos