Queer Healthcare

Christy Tashjian (she/her) and Jenni Huntly (she/her) are committed to providing culturally sensitive care to members of the queer and trans community, including reproductive healthcare and primary and gender-affirming care appointments. Our practice provides access to care for LGBTQ families and individuals, poly families, heterosexual families, families and individuals conceiving through surrogacy and/or IVF, and families from the attachment parenting and homeschooling communities. Insemination and Fertility Consultations are available to all families. MotherBloom Midwifery is the 2018 recipient of the Austin Birth Awards for Best LGBTQ Parenting Resource

Jenni also facilitates trainings for healthcare providers on LGBTQ culturally sensitive prenatal and birth care, and has presented at perinatal conferences in Austin and across the US.  She has been working as a midwife since 2006 in Canada, where the LGBTQ Parenting Network and Rainbow Health Ontario research center was a huge inspiration to providing inclusive care and advocacy for parents who identify as LGBTQIA2S+ right from the beginning of the her midwifery career. After moving to Texas in 2011, she wrote and co-facilitated the Becoming Parents course for community members,  Along with midwives in California and New York, Jenni is a founding member of the Queer and Transgender Midwives Association.  

LGBTQ Family Resources

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Print Resources:

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  • And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents, and Our Unexpected Families. Ed by Susan Goldberg and Chloe Brushwood Rose. (Insomniac Press: 2009)
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