Primary Care

Well-woman and primary care visits are scheduled for an hour and include discussion about the intention of the visit, the history of current problem, and alternative or allopathic remedies to aid in healing.  Often lab work is indicated at these visits.  The appointments typically include both preventative care and disease process intervention care, such as:

•    Primary preventative care including physical assessment, functional medicine lab work (using blood and saliva testing as indicated), pap smear, birth control (including IUD placement), STD screening, and referrals for breast screening if desired.

•    Sickness care including treatment of bladder infections, vaginal infections, respiratory infections, sinus infections, etc.

•    Cervical dysplasia consultation; helping people understand abnormal pap smear results and treatment of cervical dysplasia with or without positive HPV.  Treatment can include topical treatments, vaginal suppositories, and/or nutritional supplements for healing based on naturopathic protocols developed but not limited to Dr. Hansen, ND.

Hormonal testing, including thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones, and assistance in regulating these hormones with herbal or pharmaceutical aides.

Please contact Christy to arrange an appointment or if you have specific questions.

Phone: 512-924-2229