Motherbloom Midwifery & Holistic Health

We offer the following services to all of our clients and families: 


Primary integrative Care using Functional Medicine principles.

Well-woman and primary or gender-affirming care visits provided by Christy include discussion about the intention of the visit, the history of current problem, and alternative or allopathic remedies to aid in healing. Often lab work is indicated at these visits. The appointments typically include both preventative care and disease process intervention care. Hormonal testing, including thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones, and assistance in regulating these hormones with herbal or pharmaceutical aides can be used as appropriate.




Comprehensive fertility assessments and consultations as well as home or clinic assisted inseminations, with particular expertise in the LGBTQIA2S+ community. 

 Your initial appointment includes discussion of services such as nutritional counseling, cycle monitoring, abdominal massage, and self-care techniques. Suggestions for other options to enhance fertility are also included. We provide IUI and ICI inseminations at our clinic or at your home. Phone and email follow-up is available for clients after the initial fertility consultation with one of our midwives.


Personalized prenatal, birth and postpartum care to people planning home births.

As a licensed Texas midwife, Jenni provides comprehensive prenatal, birth and postpartum care in a loving and relaxed environment. Midwifery services include laboratory testing in-house, counseling for genetic screening, ultrasound referral, nutrition counseling, water birth if desired, and breastfeeding and chestfeeding support. Risk screening occurs throughout the prenatal period for appropriateness for home birth. Home visits are included in both the prenatal and postpartum periods. Christy provides back-up support for midwifery care.


Christy and Jenni are honored to participate in the education of new midwives and birthworkers. In addition to teaching workshops, we regularly have students working with us, following one of the varied paths to becoming Certified Professional Midwives.

Queer Healthcare: Christy Tashjian and Jenni Huntly are committed to providing culturally sensitive care to members of the queer and trans community, including reproductive healthcare and primary care appointments. Our practice provides access to care for LGBTQ families and individuals, poly families, heterosexual families, families and individuals conceiving through surrogacy and/or IVF, and families from the attachment parenting and homeschooling communities. Jenni also facilitates trainings for healthcare providers on LGBTQ culturally sensitive prenatal and birth care. 

Free Midwife Consultation: 

We are happy to meet with prospective midwifery clients for a free consultation at our office. At this visit we can discuss all aspects of care and questions you might have regarding midwifery, homebirth, and more specific questions about what you can expect from MotherBloom Midwifery care.  Please call or email to arrange an appointment.

Primary care consultations cannot be provided for free due to the nature of the visit and the on-going care I provide in this capacity.  Please see Primary Care for services Christy is offering.