Several months ago I signed up via a free month subscription promo for Tandy Gutierrez’s Mat & Kitchen  pilates website.  I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but I am usually up for new things, a friend recommended it, and I was looking for new ways to get some exercise.  I couldn’t believe how much I loved it.  The videos are a short 30 minutes, they make me feel good, Tandy describes things very well, and the way she talks about exercise and nutrition is very centering.  After a few months of regularly doing the videos however, I realized that the diastasis recti (vertical separation of the abdominal muscles) that occurred during my pregnancies many years ago was starting to get a little bigger and was becoming uncomfortable.  I emailed Tandy asking if she had any advice for helping heal diastasis and she replied with an overwhelming yes!  I explained to her that this is a problem I encounter with many of my clients after pregnancy.  She then sent me many videos that are specifically for healing postpartum, no matter how many years ago the babies were born.  She also sent this great offer below for all of my clients !  I am hoping that many of you take advantage of her generous 1 month free offer.  Tandy is very approachable if you have questions and there are lots of great healthy recipes on her website for growing families.

This from Tandy:

I’m so happy to give you access to my site to see if it’s a fit for you.

Please ‘like’ the Mat&Kitchen fan page on Facebook if you haven’t already. Then explore the M&K website with the promo code below. Guest access is limited and by invite only.

The code below gives you 30 days FREE on my site It activates as soon as you complete the ‘Sign-Up’ info on the site. It zeros out your cart and charges you nothing.

On any day 1-30 you may ‘cancel’ the account if it’s not a fit for you but if you love M&K on day 31 you will be billed and begin your subscription to the site. Canceling is super easy from ‘My Account’ once you are logged in. It’s just a button click at any point.

Once you are on the site you are able to explore a full month’s archive of my 30-minute workouts that are posted fresh every 3 days, 300+ gluten and dairy free recipes and of course the M&K Food Reset to crack your own food code.

With an M&K subscription you have direct access to me as your personal trainer via email and social media any time you need motivation, support or guidance.

Plus, because you are using this promo code when you continue your subscription you will automatically get to keep the 30 day rewind on your account plus the ‘On the Mat Mommas’ custom folder in the account to start with 21 workouts in your video library, rather than just the single ‘Video of the Day’ as general new M&K subscribers do.

Please use the promo code: CTMAK at check out on

Reach out to me at any time and enjoy!

From Christy again: I am promoting this service because I believe in its value, not because I am receiving anything in exchange for the promotion. Try it out if it inspires you and let me know what you think!