MotherBloom Midwifery News!

MotherBloom Midwifery News!

Two women and their child stand in front of a house with a chimney and peaked roof, with large pine trees beside it

Jenni and Christy have news to share….Jenni has been offered a job in Canada and we are moving to Thunder Bay, Ontario in January. 
MotherBloom Midwifery will continue with April Blackmore at the helm.  She will be joining our practice this fall with the plan to buy MotherBloom Midwifery in December.  We hand picked April to continue our midwifery and fertility work as she is smart, compassionate, and has an understanding of the social justice issues that have driven our work over the last many years.  Please welcome her and refer pregnant people looking for home births to her!

Christy will continue to see people for the next few months for well-person care.  If you are in need of a pap-smear or annual exam soon, please let her know and we can make an appointment!
Your online medical records will continue to be accessible for the foreseeable future. This includes labwork, communications with us, and plans of care that we created.  If you have trouble viewing or downloading your chart please contact Jenni at
As for us, Jenni has accepted a staff midwife position at a progressive Community Health Center where she will be running a midwifery clinic (prenatal and postpartum care) for high risk folks.  She will also be creating groups and programming for queer folks, and will have the potential to take on a few birth clients if she wants to. Christy will be staying home, tending to the fire and knitting and cooking until she gets through the Canadian immigration process and gets a work permit. She plans to work as an NP there but will have to jump through some bureaucratic hoops and take a licensing exam next May.  Jenni’s work contract starts January 6, 2020;  we are planning to ceremoniously drive out of Austin on January 1st. 

Before we go:
We will be at Cosmic Coffee ( for two more client gatherings:

Saturdays, October 26th and November 23rd, 10ish to 1ish
We hope to see many of you there to catch up and give hugs.
Big love and hugs to you all and please feel free to stay in touch; we’ll just be a short drive straight up I-35 !

xoxoxo Christy and Jenni