April’s Education & Experience

April believes that birth is best accomplished with loving support and empowered shared decision-making. April strives to provide comprehensive care, education, and nurturing support to build a client’s trust in the ability to give birth naturally and safely and to transition to parenthood with grace and confidence.

April began her clinical midwifery training in 2015 and obtained her academic training through the Association of Texas Midwives. She received her midwifery license in 2019. Before she became a midwife, April worked as a doula for five years, attending hospital, birth center, and home births. She feels comfortable in many delivery settings and serving clients of different backgrounds, economic situations, faiths, relationship structures, and identities.

Before transitioning to birth work, April worked as an attorney for the Texas Legislative Council where she wrote legislation for the Texas House of Representatives and Senate, focusing primarily on health law and policy in Texas. Her work included drafting expansions of hospital policy to include the Midwives Model of Care as well as advocacy geared toward improving social policies that affect new families, such as expanding paid parental leave policies, increasing funding for postpartum mood disorders, and strengthening equality in pregnancy support services offered to low-income clients.  She grew up in Charleston, South Carolina but has been living in Austin for 13 years. 

She and her husband have been married for 10 years and have two beautiful boys who were both born at home with midwives.  April enjoys cooking, hiking, camping, volunteering with the Zach Theatre, international travel, and visiting national parks. She is a Broadway junkie, an avid reader of YA fiction, a lover of British movies and the Marvel Universe, and a passionate but unskilled dancer (Modern, Hip Hop, Ecstatic Dance).