us with babesFor clients due in 2020, April Blackmore LM is the primary midwife with MotherBloom Midwifery Service.  Christy Tashjian, CPM, LM, APRN, WHNP is a midwife and nurse practitioner with MotherBloom Midwifery Service. Jenni Huntly CPM, LM also takes primary midwifery clients. Together, they provide midwifery and holistic primary care for families in Austin and surrounding areas, with special emphasis in the South and Southwest Austin communities.

Any of the midwives can easily be reached by phone or email:

Christy                                                                           Jenni                                                             April

Phone: 512-924-baby (2229)                                  Phone: 512-924-8494                            Phone: 512-745-3002