Jan 172015

Childbirth Connections has done it again!  They have put together an evidence-based, very readable and user friendly tool explaining the importance of physiologic birth and the role hormones play when the body is allowed to gestate, labor, birth and breast feed without interventions.  This report highlights the significant negative effect that stress (physical, emotional, financial, racial, etc) can have on people in all cultures who are pregnant and birthing their babies when they do not feel supported or nurtured.  The Childbirth Connections website is full of useful information for both families and providers, please see the links below for some of the most pertinent documents.

Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing 

Abstract and Topline Recommendations

“Pathway to a Healthy Birth” Booklet  

Core Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing Principles

Physiologic (Spontaneous) Onset of Labor versus Scheduled Birth

Physiologic Birth versus Cesarean Section

Pathway to a Healthy Birth Infographic



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