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 Posted by on May 23, 2015
May 232015


A few weeks ago, Jenni and I hosted a MotherBloom Reunion at our home office.  It was so heartwarming to see families I have not seen in several years, as well as the families who welcomed babies last month.  We had yummy, nutritious treats to eat, a trampoline for lots -o- bouncing, space to run around in, and baby goats for cuddling.  Our friend and client Lucero Archuleta came to take pictures, some candid and some not.  She set up a little studio on the front porch and Souffle, one of the baby goats, obliged everyone by participating in many of the family photos; she is very photogenic.




Everyone seemed to have a relaxing afternoon chatting with each other and meeting new people.  My dear friend Colleen, who was the first to trust me to catch her baby as a new midwife (she was my very first primary client), surprised me by coming to the reunion and bringing Theo, who is now 12 years old.  I remember being so nervous at his birth and leaping all over the place to make sure all was well- and it was. I love this expression on his face !

Theo and Christy

Theo with Christy

We’re hoping to make this a biannual event. I often think that certain families or clients would get along well and that they should know each other. A reunion is the perfect place to introduce people with no pressure…. It’s a little like playing matchmaker ! These are just a few of the great pictures Lucero took.

Roan and Alicia





Stay tuned for date of next reunion….to occur sometime in October !


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