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Free Midwifery Consultation

christy-and-elliottWe are happy to meet with prospective clients for a free consultation at our office.  At this visit we can discuss all aspects of care and questions you might have regarding midwifery, homebirth, and more specific questions about what you can expect from MotherBloom Midwifery care.  Please call or email to arrange an appointment.

Women’s health care and primary care consultations cannot be provided for free due to the nature of the visit and the on-going care I provide in this capacity.  Please see Well-woman care tab for services I can help you with.

Prenatal Care
The first visit includes a detailed medical and reproductive history and a full laboratory obstetric profile to analyze the client’s blood and rule out any present or future health concerns.

Prenatal visits occur once a month through 30 weeks gestation, every two weeks through 36 weeks gestation, and every week after that until the baby is born. At least one of the visits in the last month is a  home visit. The majority of the prenatal visits are spent talking, answering questions, discussing the birthing person’s emotional state, making choices about  care within the informed choice model, or making suggestions regarding nutrition and holistic health in pregnancy.

Prenatal visits are scheduled for one full hour. During the prenatal appointments, we also check blood pressure and urine, listen to the baby’s heartbeat, and measure the size of the growing belly. If you choose to have an ultrasound, they can be arranged at a private doctor’s office or radiology center, after which we would review the results together. At any point during the pregnancy, birth or postpartum period, consultations can be arranged with specialists whom we work with in the community, for concerns outside the normal scope of midwifery care.

For emergency situations or urgent concerns, we are available by phone 24 hours a day, as well as during work hours for appointment changes or questions about lab reports etc.

During the last months of the pregnancy Christy may also spend some time during each appointment doing Arvigo Technique Mayan Abdominal massage on the mom’s abdomen/uterus and lower back/sacrum. We believe that all of this hands-on, in-depth care is very important to help build a strong, trusting relationship between the client, their family and the midwife. This client-centered holistic approach is one of the cornerstones to midwifery care.

Birth Care
Stephanie with NewbornWe come to the birth when both the birthing person and the midwives feel it is time; usually during active labour. Often we have been in touch on a daily basis in the days preceding the birth, and by phone during early labour. I bring another experienced midwife or birth assistant with me to help, whom you may meet during your prenatal care if you desire. We also bring essential equipment that may be used in emergency situations, such as oxygen, resuscitation equipment, IV equipment, and various other items.

During labour, I can be attentive and provide emotional support, or stay in the background knitting while you go through the labour journey; often it is a dance between the two. I try to take my cues from the person in labor and assist in whatever way they need. The partnership relationship established during the prenatal care can help me to provide individualized, respectful care for the family all through the labour and birth, even if there are reasons that we need to move into a hospital for specialized care for you or your baby. If that occurs, we provide emotional support and follow the you until you can return to full midwifery care.

Photo Credit to Leilani Rogers

After the baby is born, one of the midwives stays at the home a minimum of two hours to help the family, monitor both the postpartum and the baby, and help breastfeeding get off to a good start. Often we assist the you into a relaxing herbal bath. The bath also provides a nice picture moment!

Postpartum & Infant Care
Weighing Ezekiel We visit with the new family in their home at approximately:

  • 24 hours postpartum,
  • Three – five days postpartum,
  • One to two weeks postpartum,
  • and at my office six – eight weeks postpartum

During these visits I check your healing and vital signs, as well as the baby’s weight, color, feedings, elimination, and vital signs. We also support the new family in caring for their baby and adjusting to their new life together. The postpartum visits can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a midwife, building on an established relationship with the client and her family, to help process the birth experience, and support the family during the many transitions of the postpartum time.  The last postpartum visit includes a Pap smear and a complete blood count if the client wishes.

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