Group Prenatal Care

felicia-and-juliaRecent studies are showing that group prenatal care has many benefits for pregnancy and for babies.

It can increase parents’ satisfaction with pregnancy and create bonds with other parents in a peer-to-peer support system. Group care also has the effect of decreasing preterm births and increasing birth weights, particularly in women and babies of color.

kids at group prenatal


In the MotherBloom practice, the prenatal care groups consist of 4-6 clients who meet several times during their pregnancy for a 2-hour session. “Belly checks”, blood pressure, and other routine care tasks are performed during the group care session, apart from the full group.

The topics discussed and the activities the group participates in during sessions are based on a set cycle of prenatal and postpartum subjects, as well as suggestions by the group.

Group prenatal care at MotherBloom office