Last year, early in 2014, I had the good fortune to meet Lauren Hubele, homeopath and gemmotherapist, with Live Radically Simple. She has since become a friend and mentor as I have started using gemmotherapy in my practice with both pregnant and non-pregnant people. Gemmotherapy is a type of plant medicine that uses the buds, shoots, and rootlets of trees and shrubs that contain the plant growth hormones, similar to human stem cells. It works by nourishing cells and producing regeneration within cells. Gemmotherapy is a powerful lymph mover and cleaner as well as a waste remover, as specific remedies support the elimination organs.

Gemmotherapy protocols have been developed and are continuing to be modified to help specific organ systems. Usually people take 1-3 gemmo remedies at a time for one to two month periods to see how their body responds. Remedies are taken as drops in 4-6 oz of water, morning, midday, and evening, depending on the suggested dosage.

Pregnancy is a perfect time to utilize gemmotherapy as there are specific protocols designed to support the body during each trimester. These pregnancy remedies have shown to increase bowel elimination, support the kidneys as blood volume increases, and decrease fluid stagnation that leads to edema in late pregnancy.

Lauren and I work together to assess which gemmotherapy protocol will be best for each MotherBloom client. Lauren has developed a simple intake form with questions about individual’s elimination, vitality, and inflammation. After the completed intake form has been reviewed, you can purchase the suggested remedies from our office to start your treatment protocol.

If you have other questions about gemmotherapy, please feel free to ask about it at your appointment.