Client Testimonials

Mama Holly and Little Dani “When I first met Christy and Jenni,  I knew they were the Midwives for me!  They both show extensive knowledge and experience in pregnancy, labor and post partum care.  They also gave me the freedom to handle my body and my baby girl the way  I wanted.

They were my sounding boards, my confidants and my friends.They made me feel at home in their office,  and made me feel safe during the my most anxious moments. My delivery went smoothly due to Christy’s calm, yet compelling demeanor and Jenni’s warm encouragement. They make the best team!  I will definitely call them again with my next baby!”

Holly, Josh and Danica Jill, born May 2014 (Eleanor Phryne, their second child, was born December 2016)

About postpartum care with midwives: “Christy and Jenni helped the baby and I take a herb bath. They helped with nursing which led to Hudson and I having a great nursing relationship from the beginning; something I wasn’t able to have with the other babies. They stayed until everything was cleaned up and baby and I were snuggled in bed. Additionally, Christy and Jenni called and texted me to check on me several times, and all postpartum and baby visits over the next few weeks were done at my home which was so much easier on us than having to load the baby up and go to appointments.

I am still amazed that after having three c-sections and being told I would never be able to have a vaginal birth, I pushed an 11 pound, 2 ounce baby out of my vagina, at home in my bed, all natural with no pain medications. We give all the glory to God who protected us while we brought this precious life into this world. I can’t thank Christy and Jenni enough for their belief in me. “

Sarah Hale, mother of Hudson (born April 2014), Hunter, Hayden, and Harper 

“Christy is a wonderful midwife. She was my midwife for both my daughters and
it was the best decision I ever made. Christy is present, attentive, caring, and always has the well being of mother and baby in hand. I looked forward to our appointments together and felt nurtured and supported by her care. Christy was available for my questions and concerns between appointments and both births were kind, peaceful, and loving. I am happy to have Christy as my midwife and still look to her for support and advice even after my children were born. I fully trust her.”

Angela Rucks, mother to Zoe and Aria

“Be Careful! Once you experience birth with Christy, you will want to have more and more babies! Her patience, love and knowledge made our journey through the pregnancy and birth of our second child incredible–I can’t imagine anyone with more capable hands. My only regret is that we didn’t meet her before the birth of our 1st–a marked difference between a busy ob/gyn office where we felt like a number, and her calm, wise, loving personal attention. We felt so pampered and empowered. Thank you, Christy! You are a blessing to us and have made a huge difference in our lives.”

Erin and Matthew Cottingham, parents of Dylan, Iris, Vera, Ryan, and Berit

“We could not have planned a more perfect natural home birth for our son. Our wonderful midwife, Christy was an integral part of the entire pregnancy culminating in our amazing backyard birth. Christy has such a warm and comforting approach which really helped me feel relaxed and confident. Despite calling Christy when I went into labor after midnight, she arrived with a smile on her face and I knew then that everything would be just right. Our healthy baby boy is a testament to that!”

Jenny Wood and son River born June 28, 2009

“We are extremely happy with the midwifery services that Christy Tashjian and her team provided. Christy is kind, knowledgeable, thorough, and highly skilled. She also asserts a very calming presence that was highly beneficial to our birth experience. Christy exhibited her advanced training during every aspect of the birth and prenatal/post-partum care, and she communicated her knowledge to us in an objective way that empowered us to be better informed about our health and make better health care decisions. In summary, she is an excellent midwife and we would recommend her to anyone.”

Ivana and Chris Krejci, parents of Natalia and Levi