National Midwifery Week!
Did you know that this week is National Midwifery Week? The American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) created this special week to celebrate and recognize midwives. They are using this opportunity to encourage participation in their new public education campaign “Our Moment of Truth: A New Understanding of Midwifery Care.”

The ACNM released the following statement about National Midwifery Week–

During National Midwifery Week, we need your help to keep sharing important Our Moment of Truth™ messages with women throughout the country. By participating and encouraging friends to take one simple action each day of the week, we’ll take one collective stride towards creating a new understanding of midwifery care in the United States.

Here’s what you can do to help: Hands

Sign the Your Health Promise pledge and share it on your social media channels to encourage women to take charge of their health.
When was your moment of truth? Was it the first time you realized a midwife was right for you or the time you realized you wanted to become a midwife? All realizations related to women’s health care are welcomed.
Team Midwife is alive and well. We’re counting on this engaged group of midwifery supporters to be the advocacy arm of Our Moment of Truth™.
Copy and paste the midwifery myth featured on the Our Moment of Truth™ website that you believe is most common in your community. Then debunk this midwifery myth by sharing the truth about it through social media. Midwife
The Our Moment of Truth™ survey found some surprising facts about women’s perceptions of their health care options. Copy and paste the survey result featured on the Our Moment of Truth™ website that you were most shocked by and share it through social media.
MANA applauds this initiative to encourage women to educate themselves and take control of their health and their care options.

Jill Breen, CPM
Midwives Alliance President and
The Midwives Alliance Board of Directors