Your Midwives

Jenni Huntly CPM, LM is the primary midwife with MotherBloom Midwifery Service, with Christy Tashjian, CPM, LM, APRN, WHNP. Jenni and Christy offer holistic, compassionate care in a loving environment for individuals and families currently expecting a baby or seeking to conceive. As midwives, they work within an informed decision making model; care is relaxed, collaborative, educational, and fun. Christy also provides primary integrative care, helping people achieve optimal health. Visits with Christy are conversation oriented, with the goal of creating a do-able health action plan, focused on diet, supplementation, and emotional and spiritual health.  


When I started nursing school at the University of Texas in 1990, I had no idea what a midwife was. Since then, I’ve been told that one of my favorite childhood books, Jacob Have I Loved, had a midwife in it. I must have known on some level what midwives were about, but I did not know the true meaning of midwife, “with woman”, until much later. I “discovered”
midwifery my 3rd year at UT and have not looked back.

I spent my last year in nursing school observing prenatal appointments once a week with a local Austin midwife and as soon as I graduated from nursing school in May of 1994, I started apprenticing with her practice. I apprenticed for three years, 1994 to 1997, with three different midwives. During this time I
also worked as a home health nurse visiting moms and babies during their postpartum weeks and as a staff nurse in a City of Austin Women’s Health clinic.

My path to midwifery was initially inspired by people I met all over Canada the year I wandered the country; they kept talking to me about their good experiences with midwives. My travels took place during the time that midwifery was just becoming legislated in several provinces I was traveling through, including Quebec and British Columbia.

These encouraging voices directed me towards a degree program that matched my values of social justice and women’s choice. I applied to Ryerson University’s midwifery program, not knowing quite how competitive it was at the time, and, when I was accepted after a long application and interview process, decided that it seemed meant for me.